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Scott Esk’s 10 Planks



I have no use for licensing restrictions on a God-given right.  I am happy that Oklahoma FINALLY passed open-carry so that people will no longer get in trouble for the outline of their concealed gun showing through their pocket (How stupid that that could even happen!).  I am against requiring a license to exercise a God-given right.  I am for nullification legislation that maintains the 2nd Amendment’s prohibition from federal interference with guns.  I am against any law that would make weapons manufacturers liable for crime committed with their products.  Is it any surprise that the vast majority of the deadly shootings the last many years have occurred in areas where guns were prohibited???  I applaud people being armed in such settings to minimize the chances of such tragedies from occurring.



I am totally against abortion, and consider it murder of an innocent human being.  Science has provided overwhelming evidence that the life inside a pregnant woman’s womb is a unique human life which, although it depends on the mother for life, is no part of her body.  I am for nullifying the infamous Roe v Wade decision, and examining Oklahoma law to make sure it is 100% pro life, and leading in the movement to punish abortionists severely for their committing of murder.  Religious groups, families, charities, etc, should be encouraged to provide for women with unplanned pregnancies so that they are taken care of while they’re pregnant and adoption should be provided if the mother is not in a position to raise her baby.  Rape should be severely punished, so that it will become less commonplace, and then we’d be talking less about babies brought forth by rape.  As it is, the vast majority of abortions are simply belated birth control.  Also, the father should be held financially liable for supporting the new life he has helped create while the mother is gestating, and also afterward if the baby is not adopted out.


Marriage & Divorce

I consider divorce largely a needless tragedy, and Oklahoma has been historically among the most divorce-prone states in our nation.  I don’t think it  should be more difficult to enter into marriage in Oklahoma, but it should definitely be much more difficult to end it.  There are 12 grounds for divorce in OK, and the 1 of incompatibility is used more than all the others combined.  It’s the only 1 that needs no wrong-doing to be demonstrated.  I am eager to abolish this as a ground for divorce, even if it has to be chipped away slowly, but let’s make divorce a scandalous thing, and very rare again.  Adultery and extreme cruelty are other grounds that can be used, but they have to be demonstrated.  I’m also for jury divorce trials, so that those who have felt the pain of divorce can judge as to the legitimacy of a divorce request, and terms of divorce.  It’s time we got back to having compassion for the most egregiously mistreated victims of divorce, the children of the marriage, who often are coached to have little regard for the parent that does not have custody of them.  Many people whom I’ve interviewed have expressed their desire to have stayed with their 1st spouse, but that spouse initiated no-fault divorce, and the passive spouse was powerless to stop it.  They usually remarried, but they’d rather be with their 1st spouse.  What needless misery!  In business contracts, both parties are held to their part of the contract unless they mutually agree to scrap it.  Why are we allowing for the treachery of the whim in marriages, which are much more important unions than business partnerships?  I also don’t buy into the notion that it’s unfair to make somebody stay in a marriage he’s unhappy with.  Making it exceedingly difficult to end a marriage just because, is a great way to show how important the vows that the couple took at the outset were :-)



Having my own small business, and having been an independent contractor on several occasions, I am for businesses having full opportunity to succeed (or fail), and reap the consequences of their management without the possibility of any taxpayer assistance at any point.  It is an improper role for government to supply subsidies for a business or industry that it favors, since it has nothing to do with protecting life, liberty, or property.  A business should be free to serve the community, and not be interfered with unless it is alleged to be harming a particular person or group, and should enjoy the opportunity to defend itself quickly and without prohibitive court costs.  It should never become immune from being sued by an individual or group claiming it is harming him or it.  If it is found to be guilty of wrong-doing, a jury has the perogative to order it to make things right with the one or group it is found to have harmed.  Of course, businesses can’t be sued very often without it taking a big bite out of its bottom line, and I believe this is a powerful incentive to practice due diligence in its treatment of its customers.  I am against arbitrary caps on awards given by juries against individuals and businesses, but am in favor of juries of peers deciding such things.  I believe in nullifying edicts from the EPA, FDA, OSHA, etc, as coming from agencies that have no legitimate reason for existing, since they’re unConstitutional.  Oklahoma is more than capable of exercising whatever regulation it thinks should be exerted on businesses.  I will favor matters of alleged harm to be dealt with by the courts, as I mentioned above.  Having a plethora of burdensome regulations mostly results in a higher cost of doing business, which is passed on to the consumer, and rarely has an appreciable effect on the accountability of a business.


Taxes and Spending

I view taxes as a necessary evil, only to fund the legitimate purposes of government, i.e., to protect life, liberty, and property.  Coercion is involved in collecting taxes, so I want to see people paying as little of them as possible, and only for the things that citizens agree are needed. This leaves out such things as education, tourism, public broadcasting, mental health, individual and corporate welfare, and other things that big government advocates insist taxes need to be paid for.  I view the sales tax as the most fair tax, assessing the same percentage for both rich and poor alike in the same jurisdiction.  I believe it is predominantly taxes, not asset forfeiture and tickets, which should be paying for such things as law enforcement protection.  I am totally against both the state and national income taxes.  They are progressive, so punish productivity.  Karl Marx, the father of modern communism, made a graduated income tax part of his 10 planks of communism.  I support such legislation as Rep Charles Key’s bill to provide for a mechanism for state tax revenue to be withheld from the federal government if the Legislature deems it to be used for unConstitutional purposes.  I am against property taxes which are mostly used to fund education, which I don’t consider a proper function of government.  I am also against most fees charged by the state, which should be included in the taxes Oklahomans already pay.  Spending must be cut in order for taxes to go down without creating a budget deficit.  There is plenty that can be cut from the Oklahoma budget, education and welfare being the most obvious, and if illegal aliens get no tax money from us, there’s an additional form of relief for taxpayers.  Nullification measures along with cutting off the spigot to the federal government for its many unConstitutional programs will be a boon for taxpayers as well.  I vow here and now not to support any budget with even one penny that is not part of a proper role of government.  This includes every budget I’ve ever seen passed in Oklahoma.  If more Legislators acted this way, we’d see some major cuts in spending, and a much-needed rethinking of the proper role of government!



I highly recommend the book Nullification, by Thomas Woods.  It shows how states have, throughout American history, used nullification to deal with an out-of-control federal government.  Nullification is simply the refusal to enforce, within a state, dictates from the federal government which THE STATE deems unConstitutional.  Our Founding Fathers gave Congress all legislative power, and confined its lawmaking to 17 specific areas external to the sovereign states.  States have a right and duty to not enforce any federal laws, executive orders, and federal court decisions which pertain to matters inside sovereign states.  I will fully  support bills such as Rep Ritze’s bill to punish federal bureaucrats for trying to enforce what is informally knowns as “Obamacare” within Oklahoma.  I will strive to get law enforcement, especially county sheriffs, on board to be ready to arrest bureaucrats who try to enforce what the state has rightfully prohibited from being enforced.  When even a few states commit themselves to nullification, good things will happen, and freedoms will be respected, and citizens within those states will be protected from the predation of a rogue federal government.  I cannot quietly stand by while the federal government makes slaves of us more and more every day!  At the same time we’re nullifying unConstitutional dictates from Washington, we need to cut off the money spigot for those boondoggles as well to get that money back in taxpayers’ pockets and to prevent the federal government from bribing us as a state.  I see enacting nullification measures as my most important job as a Legislator, and the greatest crime prevention service that law enforcement can provide is stopping federal bureaucrats from legally plundering us.


Punishing Crime and Preventing Terrorist Acts

State and local laws should be enforced mainly on a local level.  Law enforcement should be properly equipped to handle its legitimate work of protecting life, liberty, and property within its jurisdiction.  I deplore any federal involvement with law enforcement.  It has served to increasingly militarize police departments and has contributed to police being less concerned about being accountable to all the citizens in their jurisdiction, including the ones they arrest.  I wish to see law enforcement concentrating on those who actually present some kind of threat to their family or neighbors, and less of what can easily be construed as harassment.  I wish to see citizens enjoy the right of getting video footage of police while they’re on duty, especially when making contacts, as long as they don’t interfere with the police in making an arrest, etc, and for that video to be freely admitted in court if police are accused of wrongdoing.  I especially don’t believe a policeman (or anybody else) is above the law, and wish to see officers obeying the law unless they have a compelling reason not to, such as a legitimate emergency situation.  I want to see the return of local police departments, more so than federal agencies, assume more subversion-investigating responsibilities, and the restoration of intelligence units to forces in big cities like OKC & Tulsa, and the free exchange of intelligence between departments.  Local police intelligence units have virtually disappeared.   While they were around in local police departments, they helped to quietly infiltrate and investigate subversive groups such as terrorist groups, and prevented such tragedies as bombings and other violent events.  I wish to see more restitution and creative sentences for criminals who are not violent.  I wish to see the death penalty resorted to, rather than long prison sentences which, though they keep dangerous criminals from victimizing the public, also punish the taxpayer.  God’s Law on this transcends both the Old and New Testament:  “Whoever sheds man’s blood, By man his blood shall be shed, For in the image of God He made man.” (Genesis 9:6)  I will look into how I can help justice move more quickly, especially in death penalty cases, so that murder victims and their survivors can be more speedily avenged, and the duly convicted perpetrator of the crime, rather than taxpayers, is punished.


Health Care

The so-called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), otherwise known as “Obamacare”, must go!  I fully support Dr Mike Ritze’s legislation that provides for the punishment of federal bureaucrats who try to enforce Obamacare in Oklahoma, and Senator Dahm’s bill to end the OHIET system, which empowers Obamacare in Oklahoma.  I am against the government interfering in any way with an adult citizen’s decision as to what he puts in his body, medicating decisions, etc, whether a medical professional is involved or not.  As with other areas of our lives, the federal government is heavily involved in this area unConstitutionally with agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and programs like Medicare and Medicaid.  I am insulted that the FDA considers itself a nanny who thinks she has the responsibility of telling us whether or not anything we might put in our body is good for us or not.  As with other areas, I want to see the courts be where claims of malpractice, negligence, etc, are heard and decided by juries.  We also have the wherewithal in Oklahoma to regulate and administer any aid that is needed for medical care, insofar as our Legislature deems it necessary.  Government is the biggest reason that medical care is as expensive as it is.  Without government skewing the market, things usually become cheaper over time.  Nullifying unConstitutional dictates from Washington, and recovering OK taxpayer money that is unnecessarily going to Washington, are the 2 best things we can do to help make medical care cheaper, more individually responsive, and more innovative in Oklahoma.


Illegal Immigration

Oklahoma is inundated, even after the passage of HB 1804, with illegal immigrants.  These people pose an undue burden on Oklahoma taxpayers and, although they pay a little tax, they still take a lot more tax money than they contribute, and they aren’t supposed to be here in the 1st place :-(  HB 1804 as I understand it made agencies like OKDHS make sure folks getting dole from them were American citizens, but the illegal aliens are still here.  I don’t think it’s being enforced well.  We need to have stiff penalties for folks not supporting legitimate law.  Also, I’m for law enforcement to be equipped to start deportation proceedings when doing routine traffic stops and the like and finding that somebody is an illegal alien, with a clause making it a felony for any bureaucrat to try to interfere with the enforcement of this law in Oklahoma.  I’m for nullification legislation defying the wrong-headed recent Supreme Court ruling that children of illegal aliens are American citizens.  The interests of Oklahoma taxpayers (citizens) vastly outweigh the interests of criminals and their offspring born here.  I am for deporting parents and children, not leaving the children here.  I will be very interested in hearing from employers who wish to comply with immigration laws as to how to best keep illegal aliens from being employed instead of being run off.


4th Amendment/The Police State

The recent NSA scandal has caused many conservatives who previously didn’t have a problem with the surveillance state, to sit up and take notice.  I have been concerned about 4th Amendment issues for quite some time.  This need not be something only liberals talk about.  I wish to support legislation to get the TSA out of Oklahoma as much more a menace than any real part of a solution to terrorism in America.  See more in my paragraph on Punishing Crimes and Preventing Terrorist Acts.  The wisdom of Founding Fathers like Benjamin Franklin apply in a big way here:  ““They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  Airports can provide their own security.  In sovereign states such as the Sooner State, we are no safer with sky martials and other federal employees, who are only succeeding in taking away our freedoms.  The plethora of federal surveillance cameras in many places in Oklahoma need to go, as things which violate our 4th Amendment right to be secure in our persons, houses, papers, and effects.  If we get back to equipping our local law enforcement with the wherewithal to infiltrate and investigate subversive groups, we’ll have a way of being protected from terrorism without giving up our essential liberties!


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